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Target Field

Like it or not, baseball is the most religious of games, and, in spite of my friend Chris Scharen’s threat to set up an alternative Church of Joe Mauer across the street, the new Target Field really is a marvel.  My son, Tanner, and I had the pleasure of taking in a game there on Sunday.  The Twins lost, but it mattered little, as it was a perfectly beautiful day.

Built on a postage-stamp-sized lot, it has about the same footprint and number of seats as Fenway Park.  Being nestled in downtown Minneapolis, parking can be a pain — especially for weekday games — but it is right on the Hiawatha Light Rail Line and is also connected to Minneapolis’s excellent system of bike paths (in other words, there’s inherent reward for taking public transportation or biking.

But, as a former umpire, my favorite part of the Twins’ new home is how close every seat is to the action.  When Ron Gardenhire came out in the bottom of the ninth to argue a bad call, Tanner got his first chance to see a major league brouhaha.  That was awesome.

I won’t stretch the analogy to comparing Target Field to a church or anything like that.  But I will say this: I don’t miss the Metrodome, and I haven’t gone to see an NFL game in years, but when someone offers me tickets to see the Twins at home, you can bet that I’ll make that pilgrimage again!

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  • Jim

    American league ball isn’t the real religion anyway.

    The outdoor stadium only means the Twins have already conceded the pennant (and just want to look like the Yankees), or, following scripture their fans will be singing a new outdoors song: “Rauch and Crain and pray for rain.”

    Which (rain) shouldn’t be too hard for God to answer.

  • Does anyone miss the Metrodome?

    I’m a Royals fan, though. Can you tell me how Callaspo’s two homers looked in real time? Were they as impressive as on

  • Kenton

    I won’t miss it for the shear fact that the two times a World Series was played there, the twins beat teams that were clearly better, and the dome was the deciding factor.

    (And, yes, I’m playing hard on the fact that you don’t usually respond to these, Tony. LOL.)