Book Leak

It seems that Adam Walker-Cleaveland has acquired an illicit copy of Doug Pagitt’s new book, Church in the Inventive Age and posted some excerpts and pictures on his blog.  The book does not release for a month, so I must ask you, dear reader, to not go to Pomomusings and read the excerpts.

And do not, by any means, buy the book.  Thanks.

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  • Rob

    Interesting how Seth Godin’s blog, just today, was talking about how marketing has been manipulating interest in music, books and social media Etc. Then, the next blog I read is this wonderful little teaser.
    Well done!

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  • jarad

    Why wouldn’t we buy the book?

  • Deon Kitching

    I find this whole issue a serious tragedy. I know both Tony and Doug very well – despite the fact that we live continents apart (they in the USA and I in South Africa). I have worked with both of them on several occasions. Although they are well-spoken, well-opinionated and well-trained, their integrity is above any doubt and I can vote for that! I find the two points under debate a disgrace:
    1. The fact that a co-worker in church business in the same city as Doug (maybe Presbyterian?) try to get the “scoop” is just “hillarious”…
    2. The fact that many readers see this as a marketing stunt. That Doug and Tony created an illegal action to promote the book.
    Do you really think they need such an effort to get their books under people’s attention.
    WE, AS READERS, FELLOW-CHRISTIANS AND CO-WORLD PARTNERS need the whole truth ASAP – even if it comes from the police!