Color Me Jealous

First Amazon announces that they sold more Kindle books last quarter than hardcovers.

Then they announce that authors can receive 70% royalties on books published directly to the Kindle (that’s compared to the standard 10-18%).

And then they release a Kindle Reader that just about anyone can afford.

I’m sure that some kind soul will buy me one…

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  • david

    At the very least, perhaps some kind soul can follow your referral link and help out a starving author.

    • Tony Jones

      Yes, David, that would be the VERY least that someone could do. :-)

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  • Richard H

    That’s alright, Tony. I’m still waiting also.

  • SuperStar

    Of course, if you only want Amazon to have your book, then you can publish directly with them. Ask Amazon when they will put out a Kindle in four-color and then you can really make books that are media enhanced. I don’t think they will compete with Apple on that level for quite awhile.