No Ducks? Albert Doesn't Mind

Took a couple of long-range wing shots today, but the bag is empty.  Albert didn’t seem to mind.  I’ll try again this afternoon, after we take out the docks and shut off the water to the smaller cabins.

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  • carla jo

    and give the dog a swim apparently. Good dog Albert.

  • Kelly Winston

    Hehe – cute Dirty Muddin’ Puppy – hehe

    Thats what I call my pup back home in Alabama after we get back after hunting or muddin. He loves it more then us most of the friends I go with haha.

    Happy puppy :)

    <3 Kelly

  • Tucker

    I know just what it’s like to get only a couple shots off all day, watching high flying ducks knowing exactly how high to fly. Still, better than sitting at home writing a thesis.