Photo in Need of a Caption

I think that I look particularly badass in this ad that Fuller Seminary put together for the Doctor of Ministry cohort that I am teaching over the next three years.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to study Christian spirituality with this guy?!?

(If you want to join this cohort, click here to find out more.)

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  • Adam

    “Come study with me and I will whip your lazy spiritual ass into shape!”

  • courtney

    Fuller should change the ad to “Doctor of Badass Ministry Program: Imagine the &@!*ing possibilities!”

  • The Chuck Norris of Christian Spirituality.

    Tony Jones doesn’t pray. He just gets that look in his eye and God knows what’s up.

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  • JoeyS

    Tony, are you guys taking a trip with BWX? I went with them this past summer. Good people.

  • Lorinda Clausen

    I will roundkick your cloud of unknowing until your dark night of the soul meets your interior castle.

  • DB

    The good, the bad, and the godly.

  • Jay

    Why is my shirt so tight, it makes my eyes hurt…

  • Jay

    Or, Tony trying to look as badass as his hero Jay Bakker?

  • “Go ahead, call me a heretic…”

  • Elane

    At Mudhouse or in Minneapolis, the cilice is back.

    (Actually, I thought you were getting your Bakker on, too.)

  • It’s not all hugs and candles.

  • …or, Eat. Pray. Didache.