If This Is Heaven, Who Needs Hell?

And can someone please tell me why this is on a Preterist website?  Is this guy a Preterist, or are they making fun of him?  (I assume they’re making fun of him in favor of their own belief that we’re living in the Second Coming, but I’m still fuzzy on Preterism…)

HT: Trucker Frank

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  • Aran

    sooooooo . . . heaven is only for white people then?

    seriously, not a single person of any other skin tone than white was shone in that film . . . either in the congregation nor in that “place” called “heaven”.

    ouch . . . great find Tony!

  • Is this what you’ve been working on with Sparkhouse?

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  • weeeeird

  • Josh Mueller

    I’ve never seen a group of people more genuinely excited about such an enthusiastic announcement of God’s Extreme Metropolis and Fountain of Youth Makeover Edition! 🙂

  • well thats not gonna convince anyone Christianity ISN’T a cult.

  • Dan Hauge

    Evidently heaven is one long David Lynch dream sequence.

  • Kenton

    That makes my day complete. lol.