There Is No War on Christmas

But don’t tell that to the good people of First Baptist-Dallas.  That megalith of a church, currently undergoing a $110 million building project, has launched a website to call out businesses that aren’t Christmasy enough for their tastes.  The story is reported by the intrepid Dallas Morning News religion reporter, Sam Hodges:

First Baptist Church of Dallas is making a list this Christmas, and lots of people will be checking it.

The Rev. Robert Jeffress, the church’s pastor, announced Tuesday the launch of There people can post on a “naughty” list the names of businesses that aren’t acknowledging Christmas through store displays, advertising and greetings to customers.

“Too many businesses have bowed down to political correctness,” Jeffress said. “I thought this would be a fun way to call out businesses that are refusing to celebrate Christmas.”

Read the rest – it gets better: Christmas attitudes land businesses on naughty-or-nice lists at First Baptist Dallas’ ‘Grinch Alert’ website

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  • Rick Bennett

    There is a war. It was started by Fox and Friends. Granted, it is only fought by one side. Like the Blitzrieg in Poland.

  • Jeff Moulton

    I would agree that there is a war. The war is between retailers and people who understand that Christmas is not about buying lots of crap. This guy seems to be on the side of the retailers.

  • People still talk about the war on Christmas? That’s so 2005.

  • As Chris Rosebrough recently said on his Twitter, I’m more concerned about preachers not talking about Christ than whether or not Target wishes me a “Merry Christmas.”

  • Andy

    My wife and I had this discussion in the car last night. It is sad to me that the concern of the church today is whether stores display Christmas decorations and not that people have food or shelter on Christmas.

  • Jeffress does it again. The man obviously can’t help himself. I love Christmas decorations, Santa, the whole hoop-de-doo. Do we forget the reason for the holiday? I don’t think so. Not if we knew it in the first place. Do others have different religious holidays? yep. I’m sure they are very special to them as well. I love the Menorah at NorthPark. But monitoring and arbitrating who’s a Grinch and who is not seems a little insider/outsider to me. Oh, right, that is the point. He has a huge club and he wants to solidify the members feelings of belonging.

  • Hmmm, I just read a blog post on NOT throwing stones unless you are without sin. So, if I could delete my last response I would.

  • Kenton


    Marsha your comment pair made my day and truly demonstrates Luther’s concept of “Sin Boldly.” Grace to you today.

  • Pat


  • they say multiple times in the article it is for fun – but I don’t see the fun anywhere. I only see them being negative and criticizing others.

  • Steve

    OK am i missing something here? This guy is EVIL he is actually preaching that Gay is not OK. You mean to tell me he has the audacity to preach what the bible actually teaches that homosexuality is a sin? You mean he has the balls to tell the truth and say Islam is a wicked evil religion just like Hinduism, Mormonism and all other pagan and cultish religions. Come on Guy, AS IF JESUS was the only way, Jeeshh! Next thing you know you will start saying that unless one is born again and believes in the Virgin Birth, the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ they cannot be saved. HOW NARROWED MINDED!!!

    “He’s also made news by preaching a sermon titled “Why Gay Is Not OK” and decrying Islam as an evil religion”