Andrew Sullivan on Mormonism

Andrew Sullivan, in his never-ending attack on Christianists, attacks “American Exceptionalism,” and recommends that Mormonism is more suited to that version of Christianity…

That’s why, it seems to me, that Mormonism is much more coherent a faith platform for the rightist religious popular front that the GOP increasingly is. Because it places Jesus in America and gives America a unique role in global salvation. Christianity – the actual religion, not its strip-mall bourgeois impostor – is universalist, not nationalist. What the far right means by American exceptionalism is a divinely blessed and guided country, whose enemies are God’s enemies, whose role in the bringing about of the End-Times is unique, and who therefore cannot truly do wrong. That’s how Christianists like George W. Bush can say “damn right!” when asked if he would authorize torture again. Merely because he is the American president, he cannot definitionally commit an absolute evil – placing him on the same moral plane as, say, the Communist Chinese whose torture techniques he cribbed.

via We’re Obsessed With American Exceptionalism, Ctd – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan.

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  • Good stuff.

  • Kenton
  • Enter Mitt Romney.

  • John Edmonds

    Sullivan is a smart guy but he is wrong on a lot of points here. He would need to be more read be able to take an accurate position.

    Different people have different ideas about who the right and far right are. W Bush is actually United Methodist of the Perkins theology school flavor, it would be a mistake to consider W Bush far right in his religion even though he considers himself “born again.”

    Even the End-TImes iconic figure, Hal Lindsey, along with many other similar authors have stated that they don’t see America anywhere in their interpretation of Revelation. The assumption has always been that America will decline in some form before the coming of the Antichrist.

    When Sullivan states, “whose role in the bringing about of the End-Times is unique..” He is wrong in this statement.