The First Known Christmas Sermon

…was preached by John Chrysostom, he of the “golden tongue,” on Christmas Day, 386.  A preacher tonight or tomorrow morning could do a lot worse than read it in its entirety.  Here’s a taste:

What shall I say to you; what shall I tell you? I behold a Mother who has brought forth; I see a Child come to this light by birth.  The manner of His conception I cannot comprehend.

Read it all here: The First Christmas Sermon

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  • The liturgy we use in the Orthodox Church on any given Sunday is one prescribed to St. John Chrysostom….it’s beauty is only paralleled by the Liturgy of St. Basil, the liturgy we celebrate on the Eve of our Savior’s birth!! 🙂

    Blessed Nativity to you and yours!!

  • gregg

    Of course he can’t comprehend it, because he wasn’t there. Nor is there any empirical evidence that it ever happened.

    Beyond that, JC (if he did, indeed, exist) wasn’t born on december 25th.

    Look it up, I dare you