"I Could Never Live There!"

That’s what I often hear from people when I’m introduced as a Minnesotan. And on mornings like today, when my car dashboard read -10 degrees, I can see where they’re coming from.

Commitment to a place is a difficult thing to articulate, especially in a culture which seems to valorize moving. As I wrote last May, when you say that you’re going to spend your adult life in the same town in which you were reared, people often think this is some kind of psychological weakness.

Some filmmakers in the Twin Cities captured a sense of why some of us are so committed to this place. It’s called “Why We’re Here,” and it’s worth 5 minutes and 49 seconds of your time (below the fold). After you watch it, let me know if you want the name of a good realtor.

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  • carla jo

    Amen brother.
    Of course the video is just about the Cities, which is fine. The glorious north woods can be our little secret.

  • This was great! I want to make one for Scranton, PA! I hear people say all the time that they could not live here. Too bad. I bothers me that some of the same people that crack on my city are the ones who are willing to spend thousands of $$$ to travel half way around the world to “minister” in a city that is nothing like Scranton. Hooray for cities!

  • JoeyS

    I’ve always enjoyed the Twin Cities. I wouldn’t put it past me to move there someday, if the circumstances presented themselves and were right. Plus being that close to the boundary waters would be awesome.