Preaching Leviticus

Daniel Harrell’s new book on Leviticus (How to be Perfect) is out, and Patheos has a brief interview with him on the subject, including some tips on how to preach that tricky book:

The basic hunch is that Leviticus still matters for Christians and preachers. Central New Testament terms such as atonement, sacrifice, holiness, and blood are all Levitical terms that serve as the background for the gospel. Moreover, the second greatest commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself,” is found in the Old Testament only in Leviticus. Wrestling with the covenant demands of God, if not the particular commandments, remains essential for serious believers.

via Preacher’s Bookshelf: Preaching (and Living) Leviticus.

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  • Adam

    I think that preaching is obsolete really and fail to see why people still give sermons. Klaus Runia who in his book that advocates preaching writes that, “Preaching is a monologue by a moron to mutes.” Not something that would normally be found in a book on preaching obviously.

    Is not the Holy Spirit in us all so why should we just quench the Spirit by listening to one person who we think is filled with the Spirit when we all are. I mean the Anabaptists, not really sure if they actually did practice this but reading some of their material you would come across what has been called multi-voiced worship (I googled that and came up with this

    I think that preaching is past its expiration date and for those of us who hold the conviction that the mission of the church is misson, I think that necessiates the need to explore new and old ways of communication. I read somewhere that our churches do not need mre sermons it needs us all to become walking sermons.

    I realise that there are many people in the Emerging/Emergent movements who are experimenting with new ways of being church, etc, I am quite srprised to see that preaching by many is still quite prevalent. I just think that the monlogue should not be emphasised as much.

  • Kenton

    Tony! You didn’t mention Rob Bell!

    …so I will. 🙂

    I believe RB started Mars Hill G-Rap with a sermon series on Leviticus. I’ve always wanted to hear it.