Streaming Live from Fuller

I’m going to livestream our morning panel discussion and my talk about the DMin cohort I’m teaching at Fuller Seminary.  You can watch it here.  The panel discussion will begin around 10am PDT, and I will be speaking at 11am PDT.

I’m also giving a public talk tonight at 7pm PDT — I hope to stream that as well.

UPDATE: Here’s the talk I gave at Fuller Seminary, describing the D.Min. cohort that I’m leading over the next three years.  We meet for 10 days each June, and it’s being co-taught with Lauren Winner, Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, and Gareth Higgins.  (Sorry it’s heavily back-lit, but you can still hear just fine.) Application deadline is April 10.

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  • It’s been quite a while since our time in Singapore. Good to see you in action!

  • Stephen Hood


    I found myself agreeing with the trajectory of your talk, although I am still wrestling with the anthropology. There is a book that floated around in Episcopal circles for years by Urban (Terry) Holmes called Priest in Community. I’ve read it a number of times and I don’t think he would disagree with your call for a flat ecclesiology. At the same time he argued that humans needed a priest or shaman or medicine man to serve as a mediator of the sacred. I don’t know what the implications of this would be in a flat ecclesiology but I will hold these ideas in tension. I have always envisioned priesthood as a giving away of the sacred. Mediating to the point that mediation is no longer necessary. It takes time and maturity for a community to embrace the holy. Too often holy things will tear a community asunder. And too often the mediator will take advantage of a community all too willing to turn over their authority.

    Thanks for a thoughtful and provocative talk.

    Stephen Hood

  • Tony, I finished the audio of your cohort description. Wish I’d held off a couple of years on the doctorate and joined that one–although I do most of my camping at the Hampton Inn.

    Your discussion last night was much more valuable, since your cohort is out of the question!

    “The Rev”

  • Tom

    That was amazing. I’ve continued reading your blog over the last year and have loved hearing (and now seeing) you flesh out your thoughts and theology. I’ve found myself more and more drawn to your thinking and find your thoughts racing through my mind days after I read them. I appreciate our history and I admire the impact you continue to have on so many including myself. Would love to grab java sometime to catch-up.