An Online Youth Ministry Course

I’m teaching a one-month, online youth ministry course through Andover-Newton Theological School next month.  Here’s how they describe their LEARN offerings:

The Local Education and Renewal Network (LEARN) provides access to the learning resources of the Andover Newton community through the LEARN On-line Seminars. LEARN Seminars offer education and renewal experiences for both laity and clergy, tailored to meet specific needs. They are conducted entirely on-line and do not require students to attend classes on the Andover Newton campus.

In my course, we’re reading one book, my Postmodern Youth Ministry, and here is the description of my course:

In the past few decades, youth ministry has come out of the basement and become a major aspect of many churches’ ministries. And as youth ministry has become more professionalized, it has continued to evolve. Youth ministry faces many challenges in a pluralized, postmodern age, and this course will investigate the changes that must take place in this current era.

There’s still room for a few more folks in the course — it’s a great opportunity to get some CEU credits.  Check it out: Andover Newton Theological School » » LEARN Seminars Spring and Summer 2011.

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