Help Us Name the Album

Peter Rollins, Jay Bakker and I spent the weekend at Pete’s studio in Connecticut cutting an album.  Then we went to Brooklyn, where Courtney Perry shot the album cover.  There’s a bit of a contest on Facebook where people are trying to name our album:


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  • Scott Carlson

    “None is One”

  • john smith

    Sad, Oh Sad!

  • John Mc


  • angie

    I’m going with Confederacy of Dunces

  • I’m stealing Mike Morrell’s idea from Facebook and going with …

    Audioerotic Theologization

  • JOHN

    “The Thamesmen”, or “The New Originals”

  • Mediocre Ole Boys

  • Logical Fallacy

  • a lesser trinity

  • Punster

    @Jesse Or how about “Fellatious Logic”? lolz

  • Roger

    Tom, Dick and Harry or Three Sad Old Men,

  • Heresexy

  • Gus Kroll

    Already posted this on the facebook but I’m suggesting WTFWJD or a phrase I heard Tony use @ Fuller a few weeks back “Unicorn Punching” (or some congigarion thereof)

  • @Punster Nice! so much more suiting.

  • Jordan

    Hipsterdom meets Christendom

  • Alex #12 wins! “Heresexy” – I love it!

  • JoeyS


  • Punster

    “Apocälipstick Clititure”

  • Michelle

    Intelligent Design

  • Punster

    @Michelle more like Unintelligible Design

  • Krista Dalton

    Next shoot better be Wild Wild West themed!

  • Todd Fadel