Moving to Patheos

Well, as you can see if you’re reading this, I’ve already moved.  And I’m thrilled to be here.  I join the ranks of other great bloggers (and friends) like Scot McKnight and Bruce Reyes-Chow.  I’ve moved primarily because Patheos will afford me the opportunity to broaden my readership.  Plus, I’ll be involved in multi-blogger conversations, like the current series, “What Is Progressive Christianity and Why Does It Matter?

On that note, I have asked Patheos that I not be confines to a singular portal.  So, while my posts will often be highlighted in the Progressive Portal, they will not be limited to that category.  Any of you who have read my blog for these past seven years know that I hold to plenty of positions that make progressives and liberal uncomfortable, too.

To my existing readers, the only change that you’ll notice is that I’ll be blogging more often.  Unlike my ill-fated move to Beliefnet in 2008, Patheos lets bloggers keep their blog designs and doesn’t overwhelm the site with banner ads.  My RSS feed is unchanged, and I still manage it, so if you read my posts in a reader, you’ll see no change.  In fact, Patheos has granted me an exception, and my entire feed will continue to be published (so please show them that’s a good decision by clicking through on occasion!).

I’ve just come off of 10 days of teaching a D.Min. cohort at Fuller Seminary.  It was a very rich experience, and I’ve got lots of thoughts on it that I’d like to get up on the blog.  Plus, Wild Goose is just a week away, and I’ll be blogging from there as well.  So I hope that you’ll continue to be supportive of and engaged with my blog.


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  • Lookin’ good, Tony! Patheos seems to be doing some great things.

  • Hi Tony,

    Although I haven’t had the chance to meet you in person, I have appreciated much of your voice in the ’emergent’ conversation over the past few years (Not least, “The New Christians” and “Postmodern YM”). Glad you are part of the patheos team… I will be moving over in the next few days as well. Hope to collaborate with you and some of the others who blog there. Peace.

  • Congrats! I like to read blogs in their natural habitats. So count on me to click on through.