It’s National Night Out!

Tonight is National Night Out, known around here as Night to Unite (some controversy about where the money was going from a few years back).  Courtney, the kids, and I are hosting a block party.  We’ll have some grills going, a Frisbee throwing contest, and an outdoor movie.

My questions for you are:

  1. What activities do you have planned for NNO?
  2. What movie do you think we should show?  I planned on showing The Music Man, since it would appeal to the, er, more senior members of our block, but a neighbor thought that E.T. might be a better choice — and I think she might be right — but the problem is that E.T. is not streamable on Netflix, and I need a streamable movie.
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  • Carla Jo

    The Music Man trumps ET any day.

    Here on our block, we are all bringing our own pizzas, then potluck dessert followed by a supersoaker free for all.

  • Paul Berry

    Why do you need a streamable movie?

  • Music man is an excellent choice! Go for it!

  • Tom Matson

    Spinal Tap? Blues Brothers? LOL 🙂

    Music Man is a great idea!

  • Sarah E

    I’m a sucker fro Music Man.
    Do you know anyone who owns a DVD of ET you could borrow/show?

  • We’ll be staying indoors where it’s not 100 degrees out…. welcome to Texas 🙂

  • Was just talking with someone about ET and how different it is to see as an adult. Much slower and low tech now. I wonder if the kids saw it and what they thought?

    • We watched Iron Giant and Toy Story 3. 🙂