Hear Me Talk Some Youth Ministry

Robbie MacKenzie interviewed me this week for his video podcast. Here it is:

Remember Phil Chalmers?
Did You You Know that Dietrich Bonhoeffer Was a Youth Pastor? [Book Week]
Youth Workers Are Still My People
Is There Such a Thing a Progressive Youth Ministry?
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  • http://finalinsurrection.blogspot.com/ Lock Rutledge

    One thing Jesus didn’t do was start escorting unclean women, or unclean people into the Temple. And, when it comes to all the poor verses in the Bible, then Trinitarianism is not that important either.

    “That’s awesome, Tony. Awesome.”

  • John

    Plimoth Rock Band 4evah!

  • http://www.robbiemackenzie.com Robbie Mackenzie

    Thanks for the interview. Good convo

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