What Phyllis Tickle Says about The Church Is Flat

“Any serious student of, or participant in, Emergence Christianity is going to rejoice in the work contained here. Jones’s hard-core research is scholarly to a fault; but it is also permeated with the experiential knowledge and realistic assessment of one who has been in the movement from its inception in this country. So far as I know, this is the first vetted, validated, and comprehensive overview of what is happening and also of what that happening means, complete with a sizeable section of summary full of practical advice and pointers. This is one piece of work that everybody in Emergence Christianity needs urgently to read now as a way of charting not only where Emergence is, but also where it has to go and is going. A brilliant academic tour de force with enormous applications for lay reading and praxis.”

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  • Tony, I apologize to you for the hard rhetoric I’ve dished. Several posts. The substance is another matter. Racism prods (I don’t think you’re racist), demographics of Wild Goose, and so on. I apologize. I can see now why you have a problem with Ken Silva. Some of my ultra-left stuff in a moot court mode, hitting you hard from positions I don’t finally hold, and for the run on you (again, moot court), now looks a lot like Silva smearing you on the far right. I’m sick at what I see there. And sick at myself.

    I can hear you singing, “Clowns to the Left, Jokers on the Right.”

    I’d like to give another run some other time on the ‘thickness’ against the ‘thinness’ of Pentecostal theology. Not now. I’m having my own problems now with Ken Silva worshipers.

    I’m sorry. I apologize.



  • … Tony, on the bye, you’re putting up Tickle again. She’s got cool stuff on Vineyards. One of my families (conservative Pentecostal, when I’m not in silent worship with liberal Quaker Friends). Thing is, Trickle says some stuff about how Vineyards are poised in just about the perfect position for emergence stuff. Now, here’s a substance point where I disagree with her. I disagree to the dismay of some friends inside that part of my Vineyard family who love Trickle for her promotions. I went to a regional Vineyard ministers’s conference in Boise. We heard, “Trickle, Trickle, Trickle!” The cadence had this John Wimber beat. Bert Waggoner, huge, fat grin. Trickle has some sort of gig about magic cycles and cyclical church history. You probably know the drill. I think it’s fictional. But her kudos to the Vineyards are otherwise just “right” with the right-side of my right-brain Pentecostal thick-ego … ~ Jim

  • Jim/Random Arrow,

    “I can see now why you have a problem with Ken Silva…now looks a lot like Silva smearing you on the far right.”

    1) I’m not far right; 2) Jones smears himself, I’m using his own words: http://apprising.org/2011/08/10/tony-jones-argues-for-open-marriage-and-polyamory/