Why He’s Not a Catholic

Andrew Brown has written for the Guardian, Why I’m Not a Catholic:

At the moment, Catholic sexual teaching is like a broken computer program. It needs to be rewritten from scratch in a better language. But Catholic social teaching, and the attempts to produce an economics centred around the needs of humans, rather than of money, look like the only thought-through alternatives to unbridled market capitalism – and certainly the only ones which have a chance of widespread popular support.

I think it’s some pretty shallow reasoning on his part, but it got me thinking. I think I’ll start a new occasional series: Why I’m Not a…

What would you like to see me put in the slot of what I’m not?

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    • Andrew

      I’m not calling you an atheist, of course, but I’d love to hear what you have to say about why you’re not an atheist (especially in the vein of folks like Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, etc.).

    • Bo

      I agree! You should definitely write Why I’m Not an Athiest.

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    human (I think Pete Rollins could get behind this one)


    Greek Orthodox Christian

    Youth Pastor

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    A mild-mannered newspaper reporter.

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    American Christian…

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    “young, restless, and reformed”

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  • Wingnut

    acting like every other living thing on the planet in NOT using economies (money, ownership, price tags).