Anti-Gay-Marriage Booth Glitter Bombed

Yesterday, at the Minnesota State Fair to appear on Doug Pagitt Radio, Doug, John “the Sidekick” Musick, and I strolled the fairgrounds.  We passed a booth that I’d read about in the paper — it had been outside the fairgrounds in front of a local church, then somehow it got inside the grounds.  There are a couple odd things about this: one is that it’s well known around here that it’s exceptionally difficult to get a booth at the Fair.  Be it food or a cause, people are known to wait on lists for years to get a crack at the Fair.  These folks seem to have made a call and gotten in with little trouble.

Secondly, another group that represented the other side of this contentious issue had asked in the early summer about getting a booth and had been told there was no room this year.

The group that got in is against gay marriage and collecting signatures for our upcoming marriage amendment in Minnesota.

The group that didn’t get in is for marriage equality and against the constitutional amendment.

So, the latter group undertook a bit of non-violent resistance yesterday, glitter bombing the booth of the former group from the Sky Glider ride overhead while shouting, “Where’s our booth?!?”

Video of the glitter bomb below:

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  • Funny, but I wouldn’t call it non-violent. It was a glitter attack! My big question would be, who owns the fair, who benefits from it?

    • Paul

      yeah, good point. Who owns the fair? Who benefits from it? I would think everyone who attends and works at the fair. I don’t know anything about his or how the group got there, but the hate spewing from the mouth of the guy who said they have no right to be there is so typical these days. People are tolerant of “everything” until it comes to others expressing their beliefs.

  • Andrew W.

    That was really, really anti-climactic. But thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, I wish they’d gotten much better video. And judged for the wind!

  • The timing of each group’s request should be verified before presuming that it is the case.

    Also the glitter bombs are a mild form of battery. Having vacuumed church carpets after events that have used glitter, it is hard to get out of material. A lot of churches ban glitter’s use because of the difficulty in getting it out of the carpet and other materials – it just seems to stay around forever no matter what.

    If the glitter bombs don’t seem to be able to hit their targets. I expect to see an intensity in battery (such as “a pie in the face”), or some kind of flash mob event.

    The history of the philosophy of nonviolence is not to harm the “oppressor”. Pieing or glitter an action with intent to harm. Clearly something more than freedom of speech being wanted, however mild the incremental movement in that direction is.

    • To “harm?” Really? I sincerely, passionately hope that my Sarcasm Detection Meter is broken, because I’m not seeing signs of it in your post. I would understand the “slippery slope” argument you’re implying if it was, in fact, a pie in the face, as that’s actually something, but seriously, guy…glitter?

      • Why not just stay within the bounds of free speech?

  • In the words of Demetri Martin:

    “The thing about glitter is if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever. Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.”

  • Jason S

    I am glad America is a place people can say NO. Why is it an issue that a private company says you cannot have that here. You would say no to certain events or items of interest that did not fit your world-view. Grow up. The Minnesota State Fair is business platform.

    • This myth of America being this singular bastion of liberty is perpetuated only by those who benefit from heterorthodoxy. If the fair had rejected a Christian both, the collective diaper of what passes for “mainstream Christianity” would instantly soil itself with the weeping and wailing that can only come from the unaware losing their unearned privilege.

      Have a better worldview. I’d hate to live in a world where “grow up” was synonymous with “support free market marginalization.”