Help Save Schweddy Balls!

It seems that One Million Moms and the American Family Association — because they don’t have anything better to do — have launched a campaign against Schweddy Balls, the newest flavor at Ben & Jerry’s (based on one of the greatest SNL sketches of all time).

Joel has posted a letter that all of us with senses of humor can sign and pass on to Ben & Jerry:

I wouldn’t dream of demanding that the women at OMM and AFA have a sense of humor. I honestly don’t care if they like Schweddy Balls as a name or a flavor. What I do ask is that they respect my right to choose the flavors that please me and be amused by the things that make me laugh.

If they like Tough Love Vanilla with Dirt of Shame Sprinkles, that’s great. I say “eat up, ladies.” You dine on what brings you delight. And, truly, God bless you as you sup.

If they want to tell each other G-rated knock-knock jokes, a hearty “har har” is what I wish them. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind a corny knock-knock or riddle myself.

But I laugh at other things and I enjoy other flavors too.

via Save Our Schweddy Balls! « Joel.

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  • The entire reason those organizations exist is that they have nothing better to do. Perhaps there needs to be an advocacy group called “Get a Life”

    • Stan

      There’s already an advocacy group to counter OMM and AFA. It started as “” during the drive to impeach Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, these people don’t let go and move on.

  • Patrick

    To link this to the previous posts dealing with government, I come to the conclusion that an awful lot of folks would be fine if a government agency determined this product should be removed. This is a perfect example of what is beautiful about America: buy or don’t, boycott it or don’t, sign a petition in support or against. We get to choose for ourselves through the market.

    • Louise

      Patrick…exactly. I have to asked those folks as well why do they call for government intervention on things like this but sit around hollering that we have too much government in our lives. Such a hypocritical stance, don’t you think?

  • And I thought the Netflix stuff was nearing the bottom of the barrel. PEOPLE. Come on.

  • toddh

    Yeah, that’s just embarrassing. Everyone – lighten up and enjoy some schweddy balls.

  • Mike

    Hey, it’s not like they called it “Hot Fudge-ina”.