More Fun with Jana Riess: Self-Publishing

Part Two of Jana Riess’s interview with me has to do with self-publishing:

What do publishers add to the equation for authors nowadays?

Supposedly, traditional publishers have this thing called a marketing department.

That’s hilarious. That’s just hilarious.

I know, I know. Silly me, Pollyanna that I am. They have a way to distribute books to retailers that you and I lack. But Amazon, and B&N, and the iTunes store take care of part of that problem by going directly to consumers. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and I get good traffic on my blog. Here’s what’s ironic for me: That traffic is one of the things that would interest a traditional publishing house, but it’s that very traffic that makes me think I don’t need a traditional publisher. If I’ve got x number of thousand people who read my blog every month, people I can reach directly and might buy my book, what does a publisher bring to help me find more readers?

via Publish Your Book on Amazon: A Q&A with Tony Jones (Part 2) – Flunking Sainthood.

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