Have You Abandoned Your Blog?

According to the New York Times, 95% of blogs haven’t been updated in over 120 days.  At a new site called Postary, they’ve chalked up the blog lifecycle for most people:


1) Euphoric moment of inspiration

2) Pseudo-maniacal and self-indulgent perusing of domains

3) Careful consideration of theme and design

4) The inaugural post – “Hello world!”

5) The 2-4 post honeymoon phase

6) Waning and changing interests

7) Feelings of desperation and apathy from low engagement

Inevitable abandonment

via Have You Abandoned Your Blog?

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  • Patrick O

    This is like my monthly cycle with my blog.

  • I believe it! I have so many friends who started blogs, I subscribed, read for a month and then it just disappears until months later I actually click through to make sure my reader isn’t broken or something! I’m always a little disappointed when people lose interest in doing it.

    My blog goes through seasons, usually reflecting how out of control my schedule is at the moment.

  • I was afraid this would happen to me early on, but I’m holding steady at three posts a week for a little over three years now. I’m sure one day I’ll just say “F@#k IT!!” and delete everything.

  • Been at it for 7 years… May go as low as 2 posts a month, but I don’t see myself stopping.

  • toddh

    I abandoned 3!