Get The Church Is Flat for $2.99!

For a limited time, I’ve lowered the price of my latest book,

The Church Is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement

to $2.99 (Kindle edition only).

To learn more about this book, check out these posts on the book.

If you’re unfamiliar with ebooks, they’re quite easy to read — for instance, you can download a FREE Kindle reading app to your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.  (Or, you could buy a Kindle — I was given one as a gift, and I love it!)  Then, with a couple clicks, you’ll be reading the book!

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  • Thanks for the discount. Finally pulled the trigger on it and Insurrection .

  • Done! Thanks so much.

  • Got it!

  • Tim Newell

    I knew I should have waited. I paid full price and am almost done reading. Oh well. Definitely worth the full price.

  • I’d been meaning to get this, so thanks for the reminder AND discounted price! Picked it up today, and looking forward to reading it! Thanks