Kim and Kris Divorce? Blame the Gays!

Being that Kris Humphries is a local boy (who long played basketball in the gym where Doug Pagitt hobbles up and down the court thrice weekly), Kim Kardashian’s marriage to him got lots of press in Minnesota.  Now that she’s filed for divorce (after 72 days), there’s lots more press.  Prompting this letter to the editor in today’s StarTribune:

It must be the threat of gay marriage that broke up the media-hyped, money-making sham of a wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (“Surprise! Kim calls it quits with Kris,” Nov. 1).

Probably the gay couple at my church who have been together for 40 years and faithfully serve and participate every week.

Or maybe my friend’s brother and partner, who lovingly cared for his mother in their home for the final years of her life and have been together for more than 30 years.

Or the real culprit could have been my colleague and partner, who have been together almost 20 years and have adopted two beautiful children and are surrounding them with a multitude of family and friends.

Yes, this celebrity heterosexual marriage can sure teach these gay and lesbian couples a thing or two!



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  • I have to admit, as a twentysomething gay Christian man, this kind of makes me smile. It’s one of those guilty pleasure smiles, a smile of vindication. For just a few moments here, I have this wonderful feeling in my chest that someone understands me and sees things my way as well. Thank you.

    • Ah! See? My few moments are over. While I don’t want to detract from what I just wrote – I stand by it – I just want to add that to be fair, using one specific example to generically paint such a picture can be taken as insulting to the other side. I know because my father’s on the other side, and he is often insulted when I do that. Also to be fair, I know that they – and he- does it to us and me without ever thinking twice on it, but still. I guess I just believe in a gospel message that’s about loving them well even if they don’t love us well. And yeah, I may be making too big a deal about something that was meant to be fun and trivial. And it was fun and trivial! But I guess it also pricked something in me that runs deeper, huh?

  • Randy Bronson

    I think the author makes a valid point. I doubt anyone expected moral ascendancy from Kim, but if prominent conservatives, like Charles Stanley, fail in the second most important relationship in their lives, what do we conservatives have to tell the world about marriage? It makes our argument seem less believable.

  • Carl
  • Patrick

    As a newcomer I wonder if you have ever addressed a more important topic: the continued killing of Christians by Muslims.