A Beautiful Marriage [VIDEO]

Dr. Bob Mounce, president emeritus of Whitworth College, emailed me this video last week.  It’s about his own marriage.  I watch it and wonder, why should same sex couples not be able to end their life experiencing the love that Bob is giving his wife?

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  • http://bobhyatt.me Bob Hyatt

    Are you really looking for an answer here? :)

  • http://hrht-revisingreform.blogspot.com Rachel Marszalek

    video – is there a link?

    • http://tonyj.net Tony Jones

      Sorry, Rachel, I don’t know why the video disappeared. It’s back now.

  • Frank

    No one is preventing anyone from loving anyone.

  • KimG

    No law can prevent or enable love for another person. Love is not all about marriage. Is it?

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