What Rob Bell Thinks about Gay Marriage

No, I didn’t write a post with that title. But if I had, it would have gotten HUGE traffic.

However, here are my biggest posts of the year:

Most Pageviews:

  1. What’s Up with Rob Bell?
  2. Homoerotic Churches
  3. There Are Two Marriages

Most Comments:

  1. What’s Up with Rob Bell?
  2. I Don’t Believe in Demons
  3. This Is the Last Post about Ken Silva that I’ll Ever Write

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  1. Homoerotic Churches
  2. The Five Biggest Problems Facing America
  3. What’s a Christian To Do with Dan Savage?

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  1. Tony Jones Blog
  2. Tony Jones
  3. Problems in America

What were your favorites, here and elsewhere?

  • Aran

    HA!! You got me Tony. I clicked on that title JUST BECAUSE of the title.

    hope you are well.

    peace to you

  • http://www.sacredmisfit.com Sarah

    I dunno. I think you would have gotten more traffic with ‘What does Mark Driscoll think about Gay Marriage?’ I’m just sayin’.

  • http://everythingnew.org Jeff Cook


  • http://jpserrano.com Jeremy Serrano

    Got me.

  • http://safehousechurch.org Seth Ingersoll

    Haha… I’ve been had!

  • J.T.

    Well-played, Jones.
    Well-played, indeed.

  • Frank

    Does anyone still care what Rob Bell has to say?

  • Ethan M

    delightful. You totally had me. I expect I will chuckle about this for some time.

    Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for a provocative blog.

  • Melody

    HAHA!! Thanks for the chuckle, Tony!

  • http://www.goddamblog.com James Johnson

    You deffinately got me. I’ve come across your blog several times before but haven’t stopped long enough to really explore. This one deffinately drew me in. I really liked the articles listed too. I sent the homoerotic church article to all my MMA loving friends. Hopefully they think it’s funny and aren’t too offended.

    Thanks for writing a blog title that slowed me down long enough to read some of your other articles. I mean, you lied to me but it all worked out so I forgive you.

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