Gay Marriage Is Good for Your Health

So says the BBC:

Legalising same-sex marriage may create a healthier environment for gay men, say US researchers.

The number of visits by gay men to health clinics dropped significantly after same-sex unions were allowed in the state Massachusetts.

This was regardless of whether the men were in a stable relationship, reported the American Journal of Public Health.

A UK HIV charity said there was a clear link between happiness and health.

Research has already suggested that gay men are more likely to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts than heterosexual men, and that social exclusion may be partly responsible.

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  • i have known a few gay men who tried to live “straight” lives. marriage, children, the works. eventually they crash many are damaged. i wonder if might consider that the lingering stigma, especially in the evangelical south, is making everybody less happy?

  • I can’t wait for the day when “NO DUH!” is the general response to such information…

    • Frank

      Studies have shown over and over that people in long term committed loving relationships do better over all. Has nothing to do with marriage and no one is preventing any one from loving and being committed to anyone else.

  • Basil

    Based on my experience I would say that the story is correct. I am usually pretty healthy and happy. Today, however is a bit of an exception, I am feeling a bit sluggish. I would be feeling a bit perkier if my husband hadn’t kept me up with his coughing last night (poor guy, I felt so bad for him — it really wasn’t his fault!)

    What was that line again … “in sickness and in health…” I guess it’s true!