About Santorum’s Minnesota Win Last Night

There are reports coming put of the Minnesota Republican caucus last night that many young people — often young couples — came into the caucus, filled out their straw vote ballot (it’s not binding) for Santorum, and left. They seemed to be first-time caucus-goers, and they had no interest in the party sausage-making.

The assumption is that they were from conservative evangelical churches and Catholic parishes.

I’m not passing judgement. Cuz that’s exactly what I did four years ago — just for the other party.

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  • Charles

    The fascinating thing about the GOP Caucuses was many folks tweeting about their precinct voting to remove the Marriage Amendment wording from the GOP Platform. I doubt we’ll hear any official stats on that topic unless there’s a leak …anyone…….?

  • Sorry, but that’s extremely depressing to me. I’m starting to wonder if the next generation of young adults are going to be more brainwashed than baby boomers are. I thought they were supposed to be cynical and “postmodern” and hungry for a less formulaic gospel, but every time I look at the demographic statistics, they say the opposite. I guess they’re terrified of being alone so they go to the megachurch where there’s a good crop of potential spouses instead of coming out to loser mainline young adult gatherings where there’s maybe 3-4 people of the same gender. I guess in a fragmented, spin-infested ideological landscape, confused, frightened twentysomethings are drawn to the black and white moral “clarity” that Kevin DeYoung and Mark Driscoll have to offer.

  • Morgan,

    I have absolutely no idea how you took a post about Rick Santorum and spun it into a comment about Driscoll, DeYoung, and megachurch life.

  • Curtis

    Well, that is how the caucus system is supposed to work. Caucuses favor the little guy who can organize a grass-roots “ground game”, as opposed to primaries that favor the big guy who can buy the most TV ads. So Santorum organized and used the caucus to his advantage, just like Wellstone did when he first ran for Senate. No electoral system is perfect, caucuses have advantages as well as disadvantages. If Santorum wants to organize thousands of church-goers to show up on caucus night, that is his prerogative. No delegates were actually awarded, so it doesn’t have much real effect, other than to put Santorum back in the national headlines, which is probably the best he could hope for at this point.

    I say good for Santorum for recognizing how caucuses work and doing a good job of turning the caucus in his favor.

  • Kenton

    It’s a shame that people aren’t educated in the nuts and bolts civics of parties and elections. I was in my 30’s before I was aware of the function and importance of a precinct convention (Texas). I would venture to guess that those that filled out their ballots and left did so more out of confusion than disinterest. The good thing, though, is that the confusion can be an opportunity to learn about the political process and can make for more active participants the next time.