Youth Pastors Agree: Church Is So Whack

HT: Christian Nightmares

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  • Angie Rines

    I’m in youth ministry and I love it, but that sign exemplifies all the things that I also hate about it. Ugh.
    I prefer my current mainline church context over my previous position at an evangelical mega-church.

  • Travis Ingels

    This church is in Abilene TX. I have driven by it so many times. For some reason this seems timid compared to many of the signs in Abilene.

  • Ryan

    Yeah its in Abilene, TX. A largely middle class Anglo Southern Baptist congregation, need I say more…

  • Tom

    modern evangelism=iPods. Whack!

  • Could someone translate, for this Brit? [ok; mid-40s Brit. It’s possible that my nephew would understand…]

    I have “whack” as “verb: to hit or strike”, which plainly isn’t the meaning here: I can’t fathom this. Online dictionaries give lots of definitions, but none quite seems to get the sense of what is being conveyed.

    • Kimana

      One place that helps translate American slang is Whack means “lame” or “square” or just basically out of fashion, boring, stupid.

  • Ethan M

    Those are not ministry strategies that I would use, but I wish blessings on them.

    The gospel compels and I have done some pretty foolish things in my day to try to get people to listen.

    When I think of the symbolic acts of the prophets which were used by God to capture the attention of the people, I find it easy to forgive a few gaudy signs and misguided giveaways.


  • Evelyn

    This sign seems to condone the usage of slang. I think I’d rather get my daughter involved in cheerleading so that she’d have practice and therefor something half-way productive to do on a Sunday as compared to going to church and learning about some apparently “cool” slang word. I’d also hope that church is a place where the Ipod gets turned off so that the brain can be used rather than a place where the ipod is promoted.