Ten Missional Myths

A couple weeks ago, Steve Knight took notes during a talk I gave at the Funding the Missional Church conference, and he’s posted them on his new Patheos blog, Missional Shift. Here are the first 5; click thru to Steve’s blog to see the rest, plus my theological reflections on “missional.”

10. Missional is trying to put the conventional church out of business — Not so, says Dr. Jones.

9. Missional is anti-denominational — Many of us were surprised to hear Tony say this, but he clarified his personal position: “I am anti-denominational, for theological reasons.” But what Tony thinks is not what typifies all of the missional church, thank God! (grin)

8. Missional is a new way to “do church” — “Missional is a thorough-going theological re-evaluation, a thorough-going rethinking of church, what it means to be a disciple of Christ. … Everything should be re-thought in view of missional church.”

7. Missional has a spokesperson — Tony affirmed the broad spectrum of theological voices in the missional church conversation, which is the philosophy of this blog, as well.

6. Missional doesn’t appreciate church history — “Missional is more of a pastiche, a mosaic, a re-appropriation of church history in a different kind of fashion.”

Read the rest: 10 Myths About the Missional Church.

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  • http://workingonmyrewrite.blogspot.com/ bob c

    At some point, the “white guys decrying this NOT being a white guy” things seems a bit like a Christopher Guest mockumentary.

    That said, your insights on theological implications were fabulous. Wish you’d spend more time there, Tony – and less time fire-bombing.

  • http://www.knightopia.com/blog Steve Knight

    I took good notes, eh Tony? :-)

  • http://www.knightopia.com/blog Steve Knight

    BTW — This comment was posted over on my blog: “So looking at #6, I am a little unsure what this means. It is a ‘re-appropriation’ of church history. Does this mean that the practices up of the church until now were flawed and thanks to the missional movement they have now been corrected? Or is it a different but equal approach? Not sure what to make of this.”

    Care to pop over and comment/reply to this question, Tony? Thanks.

  • http://facebook.com/marshall.peace Marshall

    All the theological “implications” are questions except the one about the secular/sacred boundary being thin everywhere. An apophatic theology for an ineffable church?

  • http://matybigfro.blogspot.com Matybigfro

    really “There ‘Aren’t Thin Places”