What’s Happening in Marriage and Divorce?

Mark Regenerus looks at the number:

First, the sheer number of new marriages (i.e., weddings) has generally been decreasing, even while the population of the US continues to increase. For example, in the year 2000 there were 2.32 million new marriages in a population of 281 million persons. In 2010, however, there were 2.1 million new marriages, despite a growing population of 309 million persons.

Ergo, marriage is in retreat (and more so among the poor and working class, as data noted below will suggest), a slight uptick in 2010 notwithstanding.

read the rest: Good News and Bad News in Marriage and Divorce Statistics.

  • Scott Gay

    How about “Going Solo………………?” The book was a shock to most because they hadn’t thought about the reality until its publication this year. It’s a paradox that a follower of Jesus finds this a lament, while a sociologist finds the distinction between living alone and being alone. It not good to be alone(Genesis), but Jesus shows that living single doesn’t mean that at all. There is enormous diversity in living alone. My one daughter lives alone and is a blessing to her community( friends, co-workers, clients(children), church, city, family). Marriage in retreat is a stigmatized perspective. Part of it is fear that society is unraveling before us. I don’t think marriage is the glue to society. Children have survived horrendous conditions in what we consider traditional families. The church lamenting the singleness trend is as lame as its lamenting of the fall of slavery. Losing slavery hurt the culture that invested the most in it. Having more single and less married will hurt the church culture as we know it.

  • http://notes-from-off-center.com Andrew Tatusko

    Here’s what I find interesting about it: The correlation and even predictability between marriage and church attendance is very strong (due to several factors but I’ll leave that alone). If marriage is in decline can we predict a fall in church attendance? The whole increase in co-habitation over marriage is a trend that many will be writing a lot on in the next few years.

  • Rob

    I’m sure it’s because of Paul’s recommendation that it is better not to be married unless you can’t keep it in your pants. ;)

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