Ordain Thyself Website Is Live

If you haven’t checked out the iPhone app that I dreamed up, I urge you to! It’s a fun way to get yourself “ordained” in over two dozen religions. You can learn more about it and click thru to the App Store from our new website, OrdainThyself.com.

And Droid users, prepare thyselves, for your app is in development now!

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Ordain Thyself Released for iOS7!
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  • http://twitter.com/diecast David

    So I am incredibly curious to know how many purchases there have been so far… Any chance of lifting the curtain? :)

    • http://tonyj.net Tony Jones

      Not enough. 😉

  • http://spirit-cry.com/ Cameron

    Do you have more denominations, sects, cults and other ecclesiological agglomerations (or otherwise) coming? I want to try on a Salvation Army uniform, for instance, without actually having to go to the wardrobe to pull it out.

    • http://tonyj.net Tony Jones

      Yes! You can nominate new religions for the updates via our website.