St. Paul Saints Becoming Atheists

Minnesota’s premier minor league team, the St. Paul Saints, is known for wacky promotions: a pig delivers the balls to the umpire, a nun give chair massage, and there’s a group hot tub over the left field wall. Well, next month, the Saints are becoming the Aints for a night:

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – The St. Paul Saints plan to change their name for a game sponsored by atheist groups.

The American Association minor league club will call itself the “Mr. Paul Aints” when they host the Amarillo Sox on Aug. 10.

The Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists suggested the promotion to tie in with a regional atheist conference in town that weekend. The game’s billing is “a night of unbelievable fun.” The letter “s” will be covered up on Saints signs in the ballpark. Player jerseys will be auctioned for charity.

Saints executive Derek Sharrer says the club has “no intention of mocking or making fun of anyone’s faith.” He says several faith-based organizations have sponsored games before and that the Saints felt it would be “hypocritical” to tell the atheists no.

via AP News: Saints to change name for a game on atheist night.

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  • Curtis

    Since the Saints are not affiliated with any particular church or religious organization, I have no problem with them giving a shout-out to their atheist fans. Besides, St. Paul has a long tradition of tweaking its “saint” heritage. The devilish “Vulcan Krewe” has been a highlight of the Winter Carnival since 1916. And those who grew up in St. Paul remember the “Fighting Saints” pro hockey team from the mid-70s, with its oxymoronic name and angry mascot with a fake halo. It’s all in the name of good, clean, pluralistic, family-oriented fun.

  • They might also consider reading some Zizek and Badiou to give meaning to the St. Paul Atheists.

  • Carter McNeese

    As a New Orleans Saints fan who had to live through and with the memory of the horrible “Aints” era, might I suggest that the team be careful. There is no use in pulling a curse down on you if you don’t need to.

    Also, I feel that this promotion down plays the intense emotional struggle that the “Aints” era had on many New Orleans fans, a pain that shouldn’t be belittled.

    But other than that, I have no problem with it. It does fail to recognize that “saint” is a man made category that doesn’t disappear if there is no god. Even if there isn’t, there is still a Church, and the Church decides who our saints are.

  • The communion of saints is just the set of all individuals across history who have been saved. Without a mechanism of salvation, there would be no saints. The Church is necessary for there to be saints only in the sense that outside the church there is no salvation.