Going to Sri Lanka

Back in my youth ministry days, I took several trips to Peru. There, I visited the World Vision ADP (Area Development Project) in the Quiquijana district outside of Peru. They were amazing and life-changing trips, especially because I got to meet a boy that I had been sponsoring for years.

That boy grew up, and I let my World Vision sponsorship lapse.

Well, next month I’ll be joining a group of bloggers to visit World Vision sites around Sri Lanka.It’ll be great to meet these fellow bloggers and to travel halfway around the world. But, best of all, it will be a great opportunity to get back in touch with the amazing work that World Vision does.

In coming days, I’ll offer you, dear readers, a chance to sponsor a child. I’m going to sponsor one — one that I hope to meet. And WV is going to attempt to coordinate me meeting your sponsor children, too.

So watch this space for announcements. And, if you’re the praying type, please offer one up for me and my fellow travelers. We depart in a month.

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