Is “Life of Brian” an Anti-Christian Film? [VIDEO]

I’ve never thought so. I’ve always thought it an incredibly incisive satire of church and especially of theological education.

In this BBC video from 1979, John Cleese and Michael Palin go nose-to-nose with some clerics, defending the movie. Decide for yourself, but I think that the guy in the pink robe with the huge pectoral cross might be doing even more to make Jesus look silly than the film. And don’t skip the end, in which John Cleese talks about his own journey in the church.

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  • Makes Malcolm Muggeridge come off pretty bad, doesn’t it?!?!

    • Todd

      Yes! The definition of passive-aggressive.

    • Todd

      Also, apparently Muggeridge had arrived late to the screening of the film, and was operating under the misperception that Brian was Jesus. It makes his cheap shots seem all the more petty.

  • Simon Hall

    What makes something ‘Christian’ or ‘Anti-Christian’? It’s not a theological category from the Bible… The film is certainly anti-Christians, though!

    I prefer Monty Python and the Holy Grail…

  • “Not a funny building, actually.” NICE!!! — thanks for the heads up on this. It’s great.

  • Judson Taylor

    Why, that man in pink is the incomparable Mervyn Stockwood himself, former bishop of Southwark in the Church of England! He was quite a character. It’s worth looking him up – he was hard to categorize and many thought he was quite liberal in his views.

  • Judson Taylor
  • Curtis

    No. Just anti-Christians-with-no-sense-of-humor. Which seems to be quite a few.

    • Melody

      Especially some of the commenters here, ironically. Those of us who read Tony’s blog and actually appreciate Monty Python are in the minority.

  • Kudos for posting this Tony