An Invitation and Challenge to Theoblogy Readers

As I announced recently, I’m going to Sri Lanka next month with World Vision. It will be a trip both exciting and sobering, as I join a half-dozen bloggers to see the work that World Vision is doing among the desperately poor.

Among World Vision’s most successful programs is its Child Sponsorship program. I last sponsored a child from 2005-2007 in Peru, and I had the great privilege of meeting that child during a trip there.

Yesterday, I took the plunge again, sponsoring Afra in Sri Lanka. For $35/month, Courtney and I will be sponsoring education and wellness programs in her village. She is one week older than my youngest child, so charting her development as a young woman will be fun for all of us.

I’d like you to join me.

If you CLICK HERE, you, too, can sponsor a child in Sri Lanka. In fact, World Vision will attempt to arrange a meeting between me and your child in Sri Lanka. If I do get to meet your child, I’ll give them a gift and post a photo here on the blog. (World Vision can’t guarantee these meetings, but they’ll do their best!)

For a lot of us, times are tight. I know it. They’re tight for us as well. But I ask you to consider child sponsorship as past of your giving life. Plus, maybe we can redeem all of this blog reading and writing we’ve been doing for the past few years! 🙂

Honestly, I appreciate the community of readers that this blog engenders. I’d love to see some of us pitch in together on something like this.

If you do sponsor a child, World Vision will notify me, but I’d also love it if you left a comment with you child’s name.


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  • His name is Akila, born on Christopher Hitchens’ birthday (seemed just contradictory enough to be perfect).

    Thank you for promoting this, and have an incredible trip.

  • Thanks for promoting this. I sponsored a child from Bolivia after the similar Bolivian bloggers trip last year, and I LOVE it. World Vision is such a great organization.

  • Bobby

    Dear Tony,

    I am SO EXCITED to learn that World Vision is sending you guys to Sri Lanka, and I got even MORE EXCITED after learning that you may actually have a chance to meet our sponsor child on this trip!!

    So first allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bobby, 28 years old with a full time gig at an import company based in Walnut, California working as a designer, but lately I’ve really been feeling God’s movement in my part time, recreational job. I first encountered World Vision during the summer of 2005 entering my last year in college, just shortly after my good friend Paul finally managed to convince me to give church a try. Although it’s true that I might’ve never gotten involved with World Vision had I not been attending Sunday services at the time and gotten to know the person who later invited me to what turned out to be a life-transforming child trafficking seminar, ultimately the blessings I received through child sponsorship are what shaped my God-centered perspective and allowed me to discover the passion He placed in my heart before its first beat.

    I became a sponsor parent to a little boy and a little girl a month after the seminar and was able to add two more to the family last year, but instead of a sense of satisfaction I was overwhelmed with my ever growing frustration toward my inability to do more for these children. Then borrowing from World Vision’s model of combining individual donors to raise an entire community a concept began to take shape: there must be a ton of people out there who desire to do good but end up opting out because they feel that a few dollar out of their pockets isn’t going to make a make the world a better place, but imagine what we can achieve if a platform is provided to allow us to put all of our individual, small contributions into a concentrated effort! Building on this foundation of amassing the masses I launched my first not-for-profit graphic t-shirt project where 100% of all proceeds will go toward child sponsorship through World Vision. For this initial run we were able to raise enough money to support two children, Abigail and Mohomad, for a year, during which I will constantly post any and all updates/communications from the kids on my Facebook page so that everyone who pledged to this project can interact with them and see their progress. I am currently working with a friend to set up a website to be the permanent spot for this project.

    The goal of this project is to share my passion for and the transformative experience of child sponsorship, and my hope is to help build real connections between our kids and the supporters that will lead to finding permanent sponsors for little Abigail and Mohomad before the year is up, and I’m wondering if there’s any chance you’ll be willing to facilitate. It just so happens that Mohomad lives in Sri Lanka! I know you will have an extremely packed schedule with a million things to do, but it would be SO AWESOME if you can visit Mohomad for us and maybe take a couple of pictures with him and his family AND, if possible, a short video! It would really go a long way in my effort to establish that genuine relationship between Mohomad and his prospective future sponsor(s)!

    I know this is asking a lot of you especially when you have no idea who I am/we are and what my project stands for. I’d be more than happy to share more about my mission and answer any and all questions you may have for me before making any kind of commitment to help. You can reach me in any of the following ways:

    1. E-mail:
    2. Phone: 909-282-8496
    3. Facebook: Bobby Ying
    4. Kick Starter:

    Thank you so much Tony for reading this! I would really love to hear from/talk more with you in the near future!

    in Christ,

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