Save $100 at the National Youth Workers Convention

I spoke for 10 straight years at the National Youth Workers Convention, culminating with my massive trainwreck on the main stage in 2008. After a few years off, Mark Matlock has invited me back to present a couple of workshops — one on the atonement, and one on Christianity and culture. So, I’ll be doing that in Dallas, the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Well, whether you’re considering attending in San Diego, you can save $100 by entering YS12JONES in the “Special Pricing Code” box when you register.

Hope to see you there!

  • JoeyS

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t think your performance was a complete train wreck. It may not have connected real well but you guys did it fine. I saw you perform it on the tour though so that may shade my perception. Has the conference changed much since YouthWorks! took it over?

    • Tony Jones

      I don’t think it’s changed much. Shorter and less expensive. Honestly, it probably needs a more thoroughgoing overhaul.