Free Book by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo

A young author who liked letters red,
So skinny he looked underfed,
When his co-author called,
and said he was bald,
Well the young one did offer him dreds. 

Thanks to the people at Thomas Nelson, I’ve got ten copies to give away of the new book by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne, Red Letter Revolution: What If Jesus Really Meant What He Said?. Among the endorsements:

“This book, by a young and an elderly Christian, will help you decide how we Christians could change the world if we took the ‘red letter’ words of Jesus literally and seriously.” —President Jimmy Carter

“In Red Letter Revolution the uncompromised truth of Jesus’ teachings are given voice by two modern-day Christian leaders who do more than preach this Good News. They walk the talk and lead the way.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This competition will run until 12pm CDT on Monday. The ten books will go to those who leave the best limericks about Christian social justice in the comment section.

Good luck!

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  • notapastor

    The Lord said, “feed the hungry”
    But big business said, “where’s the money?”
    So they ditched the Gospels
    And focused on the Epistles
    Now we can vote for Mitt Romney!

    • notapastor

      That was terrible. I can’t believe I just posted that. I guess I’m a sucker for free stuff.

    • Evelyn

      I’m going to post that on the bathroom wall.

      • notapastor

        I can think of no higher honor.

  • Patrick

    There once was a man from Nantucket,
    Who got saved and then simply said, “Fuck it.”
    He turned a blind eye
    to the poor and then died,
    and then Jesus told him to go suck it.

  • Eli Suddarth

    There once was a man born in Bethlehem
    Whose message was seen as quite a gem
    But when the chips were down
    And folks threw Him to the ground
    He still picked up a cross and He died for them

  • Chris Eidson

    We act as if we love and care,
    Asking “What would Jesus do?”
    Yet we find it so hard to share,
    And the poor we always screw.
    Is there hope for this generation,
    Shall we ever really understand?
    Or will we give up our salvation,
    Because neglect we show our fellow man?

  • Sean

    I became a Christian for Jesus,
    then the Reformed said “No, please us.”
    So I went to the conferences
    and focused on the doctrine-sins,
    Now the poor and the sick are beneath us.

  • Eli Suddarth

    “I am the way, the truth, and the life” He said
    But we wanted only truth to fill our heads
    The way is too hard
    And the life seems too far
    To give to the hungry a piece of bread

  • rogue pioneer

    Jesus looked down with concern,
    Saying “my goodness, will they never learn?”
    that by ignoring the poor
    they’re locking the door*
    for themselves upon my return

    (* if you don’t think this rhymes, please note I have a South London (UK) accent, and it does from where I’m standing…)

    • JoeyS

      That’s a good one.

  • Benjamin Howard

    There was a professor in Philly
    Who thought forgetting the poor was just silly
    He mentored a student
    Who found his words prudent
    Though he has hair like Milli Vanilli

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  • Jim Krill

    What’s a “limerick”?

  • Jeremy Serrano

    As Christians Christ calls us to advocacy
    We don’t listen which is a huge travesty
    We ignore His Word, which is completely absurd
    And we go on living the fallacy

  • Tony B

    on the cardboard signs I see,
    a man or a woman’s plea.
    “will work for food” they say
    but so many times we turn away
    is it out of fear or a cold heart
    that keep us from doing our part?
    yet we know Jesus says go,
    His love for them to show,
    so each day we must decide,
    will we show his love or just hide?

  • Chris Eidson

    I saw you reviewed Rollins new book before its release. Whats a brother gotta do to get his hands on that? Buy u a beer? 2 beers?

  • Ben

    There once was a man from Nazareth,
    who said “Come to me to rest.”
    His teachings were too uncomfortable,
    So people treated them like bull,
    And ignored suffering, still trying to find rest.

  • JoeyS

    There once was a lady named Day
    Who said love was the only way.
    Although she, King, and Romero are gone
    Their voices still ring like a gong
    So we know for what price justice pays.

  • erin

    There once was a man who spoke in red letter
    To Him all are a debtor
    Be kind to poor
    This holy man swore
    And through my blood you’ll be better

  • JMW

    Though Jesus proclaimeth God’s reign,
    Most Christians regardeth him insane.
    So we oppress the poor,
    Make profit from war,
    And worshipeth companies like Bain.

  • Jeremy Serrano

    There once was a guy out east
    Who called all people to feast
    which includes the poor, from those who have more
    feeding among us “the least”

  • Paul Gregory

    There was a just man whose life
    Was focused on what is right
    He taught that to be great
    One must live without hate
    And reduce the poor man’s plight

    • Cyndi S

      Like this one!

  • joanna

    There was a young man named Shane
    who saw the world needed a change.
    He spoke for the beaten
    while he was at Wheaton
    And now, he’s at it again.

  • Luke Moon

    There once was two guys named Shane and Tony
    who claimed to speak truth, but were full of baloney.
    Read only the red parts! They would loudly proclaim
    but only because they held Paul in disdain.

    • JoeyS

      Were two guys?

      Reading Paul does no good when you misunderstand parts of speech.

    • notapastor

      Oh man, Luke, that is some awful poetry! But I’m guessing you’re trying not to win this book.

  • Charity Jill

    There once was a brand New Monastic,
    Whose followers danced crazy and spastic.
    They prayed, “God send peace!”
    And His Spirit released.
    Thus war and poverty got their ass kicked.

  • Derek

    Overseas we are fighting a war,
    Over here we are fighting the poor,
    Will the Christians stand up,
    And say, “We’ve had enough!”?
    No, it’s easier just to ignore.

  • Mr. T


  • Phil Miller

    There once was contest on a blog,
    The commenters all engaged in a monologue.
    “Let me look once again,
    on my bleeding heart,
    Thank the Lord I’m not a Republican!”

    • Carl

      Crimson text is not all Jesus had to say,
      yet blasphemers like to hold Paul at bay.
      Read all of the Word, using a good translation,
      and you’ll find that God spoke Genesis thru Revelation.

  • R. Jay Pearson

    I’m told there was a man named Jesus
    That he was God in the flesh to come save us.
    He gave to the poor,
    Even pardoned a whore.
    But said nothing about Adam and Steve’s anus.

  • Shane Mullin

    There once was a goat and sheep,
    Both went to eternal sleep.
    When Jesus they met,
    The goat was upset,
    And the sheep she did happily bleat.

    • J.T.

      Haha! I saw this! Good one, sir! Sorry you didn’t win.

  • Jim Armstrong

    We argue whose doctrines are right;
    which hymns and whose Bibles delight,
    while sick and rejected,
    and those unprotected,
    lie dying just out of our sight.

    • Patrick

      This guy deserves a book.

      • Jeremy Serrano

        For sure! Give this guy a book.

    • JoeyS

      I agree. Best one yet.

  • Elise

    Jesus said the poor are to be blessed
    And for them love is often professed
    Some people neglect them
    From this troubles do stem
    Now we must show the care we’ve repressed

  • Sue McIntyre

    There once was us in a holy huddle
    Our theology all in a muddle
    While we worked for renown
    On the poor side of town
    Jesus was embracing the struggle

  • John Golden

    Tis important, all that Jesus said
    (That’s why we emphasize with red)
    His words so clear
    Dispel our fear
    Teach us to live with heart not head

    Not quite the meter, but I’m mostly Irish so feel inappropriately as if I can improvise. More traditionally …

    The OT reminds us of widows
    And orphans, to symbolize all woes
    Care for those who can not
    Not a communist plot
    But the word from the Lord who best knows.

  • Billy

    Blessed are those who are poor
    Woe those with riches galore
    You may reinterpret
    The way that Luke heard it
    But this Truth is Just at its core

  • Ed Taylor

    They’ll always be with us, you’re saying
    But careful the groundwork you’re laying
    The poor, you’re ignoring
    While money you’re pouring
    In buildings designed just for praying

    • JoeyS

      Nicely done.

    • Jim Armstrong


  • Gregory Jeffers

    The oppressors cause all sorts of dread
    (the same ones who killed Jesus dead)
    so resist the powers
    every day, every hour
    by feeding the hungry some bread

  • Pops Blair

    We spend trillions in Churches for chairs
    And steeples and sermons and stairs
    Then we pray for lost souls
    Who have empty bowls
    For some rice they’d trade all of our prayers

  • MMorse

    “There once was Christian inspired –
    to make high-interest loans he desired.
    Said his church: “Don’t you see? We embrace Jubilee
    And forgiveness is firmly required.”

  • Brad

    I’m a Christian who cares for the poor
    clean water, child labor, Darfur
    Advocacy fulfilling
    From my billion dollar building
    And I don’t even have to leave the front door!

    * This is a “The Current: No apologies” limerick….

  • Jennifer

    There was a young girl from Kentucky,
    Who found all the bickering yucky.
    She decided to read,
    Red Words planted the seed;
    She decided to help the unlucky.

  • Carl

    Crimson text is not all Jesus had to say,
    yet blasphemers like to hold Paul at bay.
    Read all of the Word, using a good translation,
    and you’ll find that God spoke Genesis thru Revelation.

    • notapastor

      Love how all the conservative thinkers are postmodern limericists. Guys, lines 1,2&5 rhyme and lines 3&4 rhyme. Come on now, you’re better than this!

  • Abby Norman

    Jesus calls me to serve living water
    But sometimes it’s too hard I don’t bother.
    Till the Spirit steps in
    Convicts me of my sins
    And I humbly serve with The Father.

  • Shawn

    There once was a man who fed the poor
    He gave and gave until he could no more
    He knew God and he knew happiness
    And looked upon the pastor shouting “repent turn from hell” with sadness
    He knew what was here was important too
    because Jesus said my spirit I leave with you

  • Dave Burkum

    Christ came preaching that things should be better
    For the poor, the oppressed, and the fettered.
    More blinded would see,
    More captives set free,
    If more Christians would read the red letters.

  • Andrew Braner

    I asked God “Why are there poor?” seeking blame.
    It seemed like He’d set up a vile game.
    He didn’t make a big sound
    He actually spoke so profound
    When He looked quietly toward me and asked the same.

  • Casey

    If Jesus really meant what he said, then we’ve got an easy answer to the “Why do Christians still believe in demons?” question.

  • Billy

    Since the Kingdom of God is at hand
    As foretold by the Son of Man
    Than feeding the needy
    And Rebuking the greedy
    Is the heart of the gospel plan

  • Simon

    Could parables spoken by Jesus
    be stronger than Paul’s exegesis?
    Though they mention hell
    They fail to dwell
    On Topics the epistles lead with.

    For example:

    A rich man enjoyed himself well
    But foolish, he landed in hell
    Through thirsting and burning
    in torment and yearning
    He’s wise, but with no one to tell.

    Red letters found in Luke 16:19-31

  • Charlie H.

    How many books about the poor
    must we buy while the authors tour
    until we realize they are just one group
    that should cause our knees to stoop
    and that giving actually opens your heart’s door

    its 11:59 in your time zone. WHEW

    • Charlie H.

      for the record I didn’t want to go cheesy, I would have loved to have picked on the modern social justice movement that I both love and loathe, but I couldn’t do it without be an @$$

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  • Stan T


  • Forever His Child

    God’s word is true God’s word is Right We ought not argue over the colour of red or black just Trust HIS word both day and night. HIS words were written for us to live by and by doing so and having a relationship with HIM we could reserve our place with HIM up in the sky (Heaven)

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