Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell Embrace [Video]

This blog has just passed a milestone: 100,000 pageviews this month. I’ve been blogging since 2004, and that is a first. Many thanks to longtime readers and new readers. Glad to have you all.

Some bloggers are loathe to publicize their traffic numbers, but a couple of my favorite bloggers (Andrew Sullivan and Rachel Held Evans) routinely disclose their traffic. Like them, I want to be forthcoming with you. And I also want to say thank you.

I hope that this blog will continue to be a place where we can debate theology, consider the foibles of church life, and occasionally share a laugh.

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  • Kenton

    Way to go, Tony!

    May you have many more 100k months.

    • Thanks, Kenton. I appreciate you reading, and your always winsome pushback on my positions.

  • B-b-b-but… where’s the video? 🙁 🙁
    You got my hopes up. 🙁

    • Oh, yeah, about that headline…


  • Carl

    You could have hit 200K if the title was Mark & Rob agree on homeschooling. Congrats on expanding the conversation.

  • Chris

    I too was hoping for an actual video. Especially one of the two of them singing together “That’s What Friends Are For” or at least MWS’s “Friends.” Congrats on the pageviews/traffic and for provoking thought and discussion. I’ve followed your work from the “Postmodern Youth Ministry” and NYWC workshop days- appreciate the ways you have provoked discussion in different areas of practical ministry, church life, theology, and politics. And as a fellow divorced/remarried dad without primary custody as well, I’ve appreciated the posts on related issues in that area too. Thanks for this blog and the conversations (both internal and external) it generates.

    • Glad to have you along on the journey, Chris.

  • You SOOOOOO suckered me with that headline— good for you, Tony! 100,000 MPV is AWESOME!

  • Scot Miller

    I hope you thank Frank for his 5,000 page views this month alone….

    • Rob

      Yes, Frank is one generous little vegemite. And humble too, acting as if he doesn’t really care for Tony’s blog posts while all along being such a major supporter. 🙂

      Good work Tony.

  • My first thought was, “when would Mark Driscoll ever embrace another man?”

  • Kevin Williams

    I love the headline and I love the blog. Thanks for creating a place of rich discourse.

  • Thanks for being a welcoming host, Tony.

  • Luke Allison

    About two years ago I would never have come near such a liberal heretical establishment. I’m always shocked and amazed by the changes the Holy Spirit works in our hearts. Here’s to many more years, Tony.

  • Curtis

    Congratulations, Tony!

  • No wonder he gets so many hits with titles like that. Such linkbait 😛

    That said, congratulations! It is a great blog and I am happy to have contributed a few to those 100k.

  • Does a pageview count those of use who follow via a reader or just those who actually visit the page? Keep up the good stuff Dr. Jones. (BTW, how many Indiana Jones/Dr. Jones do you have to put up with?)

    • Nope, you’re not in the stats. Be sure and click thru once in a while to comment (like you did here). And while you’re here, click on a few ads, too! 🙂

  • J.T.

    Knew the headline had to be bogus. Clicked anyway. You never disappoint, Tony.

  • The Misfit Toy

    You are bad man 🙂

  • Lee P.

    I was actually disappointed with the prospect of those two embracing since I am of the opinion that Mark Driscoll is a…… THE Proto Douche (brah!). I’d rather see Discroll get intellectually and theologically ripped apart than see him hug another famous pastor.

    …..and I guess that is why I am not a very good Christian yet.

  • Frank Viola

    Good job Mr. Tony.

    How long have you been on Patheos? I just joined last week. You’ve given me a goal now, Sir.

    P.S. who’s Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell . . . ?

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