Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone (A Note to Readers)

Dear readers and friends (both Americans and non),

Today, I will stop by the gym to ride the bike for a bit, then get the kids from their mom’s house — they’re with us from 9am-2pm. We will proceed to a traditional Puritan re-enactment/worship service at Colonial Church, the church of my youth. After that, we’ll finish baking the six pies that we’re responsible to bring to dinner and get in a game of touch football before sitting down to a feast.

Among the things for which I’m grateful is you, and I mean that quite sincerely. When I started blogging in 2004, it was a lonely enterprise. I was lonely — my early posts were composed in an empty apartment in Princeton, NJ. My family had left after my first year of coursework, and I commuted between Minneapolis and New Jersey. My desk in the apartment was a door propped up on two sawhorses. I slept on an air mattress. I blogged because I’d usually finished all my reading by dinnertime, and I didn’t have a TV. Like I say, it was a lonely enterprise.

Most everything has changed since then. I am now in a marriage that is brimming with love and acceptance, for which I am truly grateful. I am surrounded by friends and family in Minnesota who love me for who I am.

And blogging is no longer lonely. With your clicks and your comments, your likes and your retweets, you have transformed this space from a platform for my thoughts into an electronic space of conversation and debate. I am honored — even humbled — to be the convener of that. I don’t know that my thoughts are always worth reading, but you’ve given me the benefit of the doubt.

I am thankful.

Thanks for coming here to read.

Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for your friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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  • Nathan

    Have a blessed day, T.

  • I’m thankful for you as well, Tony. Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless you and your family.

  • Courtney Clayton

    Thank YOU for continuing to share your thoughts openly. Have a wonderful with your family!

  • Love you Tony. I actually look forward to reading your thoughts everyday. You’re by far one of the smartest people I know. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Happy for you, Tony, and grateful for your friendship through the years. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you. Blog on!

  • Scot Miller

    I’m thankful for the space you provide for discussing provocative ideas. And I’m thankful that I had the chance to hang out with you and drink a few beers. That was great fun. (I type this while sipping on a Manhattan made with Templeton Rye….)

  • Sarah Erickson

    Giving thanks for your generosity over time and space – blessings today and all year long, Tony, to you and your family.

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  • Thank you, Tony, for your blog and the forum it provides. I’ve learned a lot here.

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