Weekend Update

“Frank, you ignorant slut”

In case you were bloated with triptophan and missed it over the the weekend, here’s what happened on the blog:

I gave thanks for all of you readers:

Among the things for which I’m grateful is you, and I mean that quite sincerely. When I started blogging in 2004, it was a lonely enterprise. I was lonely — my early posts were composed in an empty apartment in Princeton, NJ. My family had left after my first year of coursework, and I commuted between Minneapolis and New Jersey. My desk in the apartment was a door propped up on two sawhorses. I slept on an air mattress. I blogged because I’d usually finished all my reading by dinnertime, and I didn’t have a TV. Like I say, it was a lonely enterprise.

I responded to Lausten’s Haunting Question:

In other words, the prelapsarian Garden of Eden was not an ideal Platonic Form. For God’s sake, it was a garden! It was full of dirt and worms and rotting fruit.

Here’s another way of saying that: nothing metaphysically happened when Adam and Eve ate that fruit. Nothing ontologically changed in them. They did not go, with one bite, from “perfect” to “imperfect.”

Some Christian prophecy dude praised my marketing while condemning my theology:

“Look, I lament the fact that Jones, Pagitt and friends are conning our young people with aberrant theology, but in terms of marketing worldview, they are light years ahead of conservative authors.”

And coming later today: “Who Is Rob Bell?”
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  • “They did not go, with one bite, from “perfect” to “imperfect.””

    Then why did they get kicked out of the garden?

    • Craig

      And I was told there was a talking snake. Just what the heck is going on here? Where am I? Gee golly is this some kind of liberal blog?!

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