See You Tomorrow

I am writing this on Thursday night and scheduling it to post on Friday morning. I need a day away from this blog. I will respond to this week’s QTHC tomorrow, on Saturday.

So many of you have written supportive text messages, phone calls, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts. It’s been great.

No one likes being called an asshole, dick, arrogant, stupid, etc. There’s a whole Facebook page full of people who apparently despise me. Yes, that has sucked over the past couple days. But I’m not a martyr. I don’t feel sorry for myself, and neither should anyone else.

I am very, very fortunate, as I have written before, to be surrounded by family and friends. This weekend, I’ll coach my son’s Mite hockey team and pick up our Christmas tree and go to a spinning class and sit in a hot tub with Rachel and Ratchet and Carla and Jim and watch a couple episodes of Downton Abbey. And, of course, Courtney will be at all those things, and will be next to me in bed each night.

Also, I have Templeton Rye.

So all is well.

I asked a question, an honest question. And I got answers, lots of them. No blogger could hope for anything more.

I’ve read the responses, and I will continue to. But I won’t let them consume me.

See you tomorrow.

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  • Scot Miller


    2 oz. Templeton Rye
    1 oz. Sweet Vermouth
    2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
    Serve stirred, never shaken. Kiss with cherry.

  • EMag

    I pray for your courage in this journey. You asked a question that has the potential to open you to new understanding and communion with a lot of people that you apparently want to enfranchise. While there may indeed be some ad hominem responses, I think most are incredibly genuine cries out from people, both women and men, who have been and continue to be left out othe conversation or taken seriously (or who are concerned about those who are).
    Maybe this is an opportunity to consider these responses as a via negativa that strips away many assumptions that you and I as theologically trained white males have never fully explored or tested, even if we Iike to think that we have. That is a journey that demands nearly as much courage and faith as it took for hundreds of disenfranchised voices to step into the fray and respond to your question. (Almost as much courage. I would never assume it demands as much from us.) May the Spirit of God give you the ears to listen, both for your sake and for the sake of all those who are missing from the table of conversation.

  • ReneSD

    and @Benjamin Howard. Templeton in the coffee. That’s what 9:15 AM is for…

  • Agreed, EMag, very well spoken.

  • Also, I have found your writing thought-provoking, challenging, occasionally confirming, and always worthwhile. Sometimes I say with pride to compatriots, “I once argued with Tony Jones over drinks at a conference.” They say, “Who hasn’t?” Which I hear as a compliment to you. Keep it up, brother.

  • revsharkie

    Enjoy that Templeton. I live in the next county north of there. Yum.

  • Paul

    Templeton rye…hmm…learn something new everyday:) Tony, have a nice day!

  • Frank

    I hope that as Tony prayerfully processes the criticism he received and as we men prayerfully process the same, the women who responded prayerfully process their own reactions, comments and attitudes. This whole thing can only produce progress if everyone looks in the mirror.

  • Mary Biedron

    Tony, actually some of the reason I don’t comment on blog posts is because of the nature of so many comment threads on the internet. Sad but true. However, I will say that I very much appreciate your blog, your willingness to ask the questions and to engage the issues that would be more comfortable to just side step. Don’t stop! But do create some space for yourself. Advent blessings to you and your family!

  • Tony, I’m wondering why you thought this post was necessary? Okay, you’re unhappy and disappointed that women handed your hat to you. But this entry reads pouty, defiant and a bit arrogant in the face of a great and unexpected gift – being shown the mirror and giving you time to reflect and change whereas you would have eventually slipped into irrelevance.

    Man up and seize the opportunity.

  • Nathan


    But I’m not a martyr. I don’t feel sorry for myself, and neither should anyone else.

  • Hi Tony, I’ve been watching this convo from afar, having been directed here via the SCCL fb page. I know you said you wouldn’t comment anymore to Stephy … but for the sake of peace, will you please just go back and see the turn the thread’s taken? (the one you commented on yesterday). I feel like a lot of toes got stepped on, some words were thrown around that were pretty hurtful on both sides, but … really … I think there’s still a chance for healing. (especially now that everyone’s had an opportunity to get some sleep, lick their wounds, and think it through a bit)

  • Good stuff as always Tony. Sweet dreams.

  • KRS

    Just a thought. From comments made in past days, yours is not the only predominantly masculine theological blog. Jurgen Moltmann states, “Sexual difference and community belong to the very image of God itself; they are not merely related to fertility. … It (the community) represents God on earth, and God ‘appears’ on earth in his male-female image” (God in Creation, pg. 222). When theology is done amongst one part of imago Dei is it complete? Or is it being worked out in a type of isolation.

    I appreciated all of the voices speaking out, breaking the silence, striving for imago Dei.

  • Patrick S

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. YOU are coaching hockey? I may have to make a special trip to Braemar to see that!

    Make sure to ignore the backup goalie for a couple months.

    • Still can’t do backwards crossovers.

  • When we get burned, it’s natural to step away and feed on our natural comforts–seek the love we know to build ourselves back up. I hope that you will keep that conversation open still with the women who were being rather critical of you (after you bravely asked for the criticism). That conversation doesn’t appear to be over, and there is a lot to dig into there. I think being able to effectively converse with these women will require you to get in touch with a less dominant, latent part of yourself. It’ll stretch you, and I think it’ll make you more empathetic.

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