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Of the videos I uploaded to my YouTube Channel in 2012, this one got far and away the most views:

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  • Shannon Kershner

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks for re-posting this video. I missed it the first time around. I deeply appreciate the “third” way you talk about atonement. It is actually what I heard preached every Sunday as I grew up at First Presbyterian Church in Waco, Texas. My father was the minister there for 30 years. And so I must admit that I am very curious about how this theology of the atonement was received at Baylor. FPC Waco was an “alternative” theological environment in Waco and I grew up seeing occasional picketing outside our church because of what we believed. So how did this play itself out?
    Shannon Johnson Kershner
    now in Black Mountain, NC

    • Shannon Kershner

      Okay…so now I am confused. I thought I was commenting on the Atonement lecture you gave at Baylor University. Now I see it is linked with “The Innocence of Muslims” video so my comments do not make any sense. Sorry about that!

  • Tracie

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for reposting this. I watched it last time and I watched it again now.

    Interesting that you feel impotent being so far away. I live right here in the Middle East and I have the same feelings. What can I do?

    I can tell you that in this country of 1.5 million, there were about 1500 people who angrily protested that video. A very small number. I doubt any of them would have seen it. They are so afraid of disrespecting the name of Mhd that I doubt they would have seen it. It was all hearsay.

    I do know that the rest of the country continued to go to work, as I did, with my fellow Muslims coworkers, and it was business as usual. They did not treat me differently. They did not attribute the video with me. For several days I think I detected us treating each other with greater respect and tenderness just to make a point. Many of them don’t like to even talk about it.

    I did speak to one person openly about it and he was outraged at the reaction of radicals.

    It takes courage at home (in the west) to make a moderate stand and speak up for ‘the other’ and for respect for each other in a pluralistic world. In this country, with anger possibly bubbling beneath the surface I know it takes a lot of courage for moderates to speak up. Moderation is not a widely acceptable virtue. Passion and purity are very much revered. I did read one intellectual admonishing others to please speak up and make a case moderation and tolerance. I think there are many similar trends happening here in religious communities and similar conversations as I hear back home.

    I’m reading Brian’s book right now and it’s the perfect encouragement for me right now.

    Thanks again for this.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • Brian

    When the page loads it shows your lecture at Baylor but quickly switches to “The Innocence of Muslims.” Which video was the most watched?

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