More Year-End Blog Fun

Theoblogibles: You, dear readers, had these characteristics in 2012:

25% of you use Chrome (good choice!)
23% use Safari (yay Mac!)
20% use Firefox (meh)
13% use IE (hi Mom!)

81% of you are in the U.S. – the leading states are California, Texas, Minnesota (hi Mom!), Illinois, and New York.
Next on the list of countries are Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and South Africa.
We had one visitor from Turkmenistan

You stayed here an average of two minutes per visit

Screen Resolution
Fully half of you have your screen resolution set at 320×480 (hi Mom!)

Search Terms – after “tony jones” and “tony jones blog” some of the top search terms were:
don piper
jefferson bethke
jonathan merritt gay
shane hipps
mark driscoll

Random Searches – other searches that brought people here:
worse problem in education
worship me homeschool videos
why is america getting stupider
selected bible verses for abandoning children
evangelical porch problems (hi Doug!)
evangelical men tumblr (hi Pastor Mark!)

Top Referring Sites


A quarter million of you visited Theoblogy this year, racking up nearly a million pageviews. Many, many thanks. And Happy New Year!

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  • Curtis

    320×480 is the screen resolution of the iPhone. Half of your visits are from an iPhone.

  • So at 1,000,000 page hits, and “they” average about 1000 clicks for one advertisement hit; then about $0.25 per hit. That would come to roughly $250 for a years worth of moolah for blogging. Then about 22% deduction from that amount for the required Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) would leave you with roughly $200. Then two blogs a day times six days a week would equal about 264 posts a year…that is about 75 cents a post there, Tony.

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