Irony Noted

Here’s the sign outside of the room in which I lectured last night:

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  • Dean Tregenza

    Noting that you are in Malaysia where english is a second or third language. And given the colonial history UK spelling of the word “centre” would be the norm. And given the general nature of the place the E probably fell off and just hasn’t been replaced.

    That being said, glad to see a US citizen note irony 😉

    Hope you have a great trip, meet some great new friends, and enjoy the conversation over the great food found in that part of the world.



  • Contemplative

    Perhaps you note the irony in “homeschooling” and “centre”, in which case the explanation would be that these church run schools have to position themselves as resource centers for homeschoolers to take advantage of a legal loop hole.

  • The spelling is not the only irony here! 😉

  • The spelling is not the only irony here! 😉

  • Mike W.

    I’m seeing a reflection of Dr. Jones where the ‘E’ should be. Mystery of the missing ‘E’ solved?! #PossibleIrony-MakerCaught

  • T.S.Gay

    Some emerging groups, more than others, emphasize grace by placing it first in respect to any form of education.

  • Joy_F

    Kuala Lumpur? I wasn’t aware Malaysia allowed homeschooling. Or was this for foreigners living their only?

    • Patti Sawyer

      For all the fuss about the spelling of the word “centre” I must only say “there, their, and they’re” “location, possession, contraction”