Labs Get No Love at Westminster

Who needs Westminster when your dog can do this?

The only dog I’ve ever owned is a Lab, and the only dog I’ll ever own is a Lab. They are, hands down, God’s favorite breed. They must be, or they wouldn’t be so incredibly awesome.

Well, the heathens at Westminster don’t seem to think so. And now the Labs themselves are so worked up about it that they’ve begun calling in sports radio shows:

“Hey thanks for having me. Longtime listener, first time caller. Look, I’m just going to be straight up with you: I’m a Labrador retriever. And I’m sick of losing at Westminster. Sick of it. It’s driving me nuts. This year we didn’t even make the cut in the sporting group. I’m embarrassed.”

“Thank you…is it Snickers? Snickers. Well, look, I hear you. There have been 137 Westminster Dog Shows and from what I can tell, a Labrador has never won. Is that true? They’re nodding in the booth. Yeah, a Lab has never won. Well, what should be done, Snickers?”

“I think we should hire Phil Jackson.”

Read the rest: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Sports Radio: Longtime Listener, First-Time Barker—Jason Gay –

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  • Larry Barber

    I would think you would be glad that the dog show people don’t like labs. They have ruined more breeds than I can name. They breed strictly for appearance and conformity to a “standard”, and give no thought to other characteristics, like whether or not a dog can actually retrieve a duck.

    • Chris

      What Larry said. Thank your lucky stars that Labs aren’t winning that show. Working breeds suffer when all that is valued is looks.

      Besides, if you think churches are rife with politics, dog shows are the worst.

  • The Great Outdoor games is a much better dog show.

  • Pete

    Tony, Favourite colour? Actually… You posted a photo of one hunting afew posts ago…
    Questions that haunt: Why does my Lab like eating poo? (Yes, I have a pure bread black lab)

  • Todd

    So is a church dog show the ultimate in politics?

  • Craig

    Among people, who is the analogue of the Labrador retriever? Do we think well of this person? If we could breed people in the way that we have bred dogs, which new breeds would you like to see developed? Which would be your favorite?

  • Chris

    That is a brilliant pic btw.

  • Shelly