Hawaii Doesn’t Suck

Hawaii Doesn’t Suck March 11, 2013

I’m putting up this quick post from LAX, where Courtney and I are en route back home after a week on the Big Island of Hawaii. My parents took my brothers and me and our spouses to celebrate our marriages and their own 70th birthdays.

Of course the weather was amazing, as was the fresh fish, the ocean breezes, the breeching humpback whales and pod of 30 dolphins and the Mai Tais. All of that was fantastic.

But, honestly, the best part was an uninterrupted week with my family. As I’ve written here before, I don’t know how I would have survived my divorce without my parents and brothers. And, as well as loving me through that, they have wholeheartedly embraced Courtney into the family. In my book, there is simply no substitute for a supportive and loving family.

I appreciate your reading and commenting during my absence, and I’m grateful to the guest bloggers. We’ll dive back into the deep end of the pool tomorrow with a Question That Haunts. But until then, I’m still dreaming of crashing waves and swim-up bars.

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  • Phil Miller

    What part of the Big Island did you stay at? My wife and I were there for ten days last year, and I agree – it doesn’t suck! We stayed on the Kona side most of the time, but we did go over to Hilo for a few days. It is beautiful. One of the things that struck me, though, was the disparity between the relative wealth of tourists and the economic conditions on the rest of the island.

  • Nice jump, Tony!

  • mike h

    Ah, yes, Mai Tai therapy. I know it well.

  • Yes, Hawaii is pretty nice, but it doesn’t have near the excitement of walking around Oakland…at night. Or even, Detroit.

  • Awesome!