I TOLD You Mere Christianity Is Overrated

Thanks to you all, I bested Clive yesterday. Seriously, thanks for your continued support of my writing.

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  • Brian P.

    That other book is way over-rated, perhaps quite famous for being famous.

  • Chris

    3 things.

    1) Is an authors work after 70+ years entitled to have a drop off in sales?

    2) How on earth does QTH qualify as Christian apologetics or belong anywhere near that category? And how can the two books even be spoken of in the same sentence? They may both be baseball but it’s beyond the difference between the major leagues and your son’s little league.

    2) If any of your writings come within country miles of the longevity of a CS Lewis or touch anywhere nearly as many people, then you will have the right to smugly (or even jokingly) decry his work as being beneath yours.

  • I don’t want to sound like a hater, but I can’t help but notice that you got to #1 at $2.99, while an author dead longer than you’ve been alive (pretty sure I’m right about that) is still getting $8.20 for a book that isn’t even on paper. What would happen to the relative sales if both were priced the same.

    Still, very cool despite the details. You don’t get to the top of that list for nothing….