Supporting Gay Marriage Is Like…Being a Nazi!

You know things are getting desperate for “Minnesotans for Marriage” when they devolve to Godwin’s Law:

Minnesota for Marriage is urging pastors to preach Sunday against same-sex marriage.

To assist religious leaders, the group’s allies prepared a “sermon starter” designed to touch on key arguments against same-sex marriage.

Some of the material quotes Bible verses claiming same-sex couples are “detestable,” “an abomination” and an attack on children and Christians.

The material also tries to debunk a body of medical and scientific research that shows gay and lesbian people are born that way.

“They essentially practice Joseph Goebel’s Nazi philosophy of propaganda, which is basically this: Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and eventually most mindless Americans will believe it,” the material reads. “Hear this: God did not make anyone homosexual.”

In October, Minnesota for Marriage endured a wave of criticism after the Rev. Brad Brandon, a religious outreach staffer for Minnesota for Marriage, compared rivals’ efforts on the marriage amendment to the Nazi regime.

via Gay marriage foes draw fire for linking rivals to Nazi propaganda effort |

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  • I suppose having been churched entirely outside of mainstream institutional christian culture and popular orthodox worldviews, the following question might reveal my naivety, but here goes:
    Why do christians, individual and collectively, feel the need to comment publicly on the various and changing shifting sands of the popular moral and ethical boundaries that modern societies live within?
    I just re-read that and it doesnt seem clear even to me, so let me expand a bit.
    I dont see in scripture that Gods people were ever a legislative or executive voice of conscience or law in any society, while they were frequently prophets, and lesser forms of lightning rods, pointing to Gods law and judgments from the ground level, as one of those they were speaking to.
    May I humbly suggest that given that there are millions of professing Christ followers in many nations, our lives of humble loving service and sharing could be more than enough conviction and convincing for the gays, drunks and liars we are trying to stop from taking over our place in society.
    I realize we used to own the culture but we lost it to John Lennon and his gang of neo libertines, which is really strange since they were never in the church.
    And neither are most gays, drunks or pathological liars.
    It seems only fair that they feel compelled to attack our fortress in return.
    And therein lies the rub.
    We shouldn’t be in our fortresses, standing on our insulated walls, shouting at them to stop sinning, when that’s what sinners do.
    Or have we forgotten what its like to be a sinner, loved by God, though they reject or dont know Him?
    Calling them out publicly to a gun fight in the street is backfiring on us, cuz they have bigger guns.
    We should just mind our own business, and tidy up our own glass house, and quit trying to evangelize them with different rules than we operate under.
    That’s how I see it.

  • “You know, Hitler had pieces of flair he made the Jews wear…”

  • Carla Jo

    Whenever someone (or a group of someones) compares someone else (or another group of someone elses) to Nazis, I always wonder if they know anything about actual Nazis.

  • The following article is one of the most cogent and compelling offerings on the subject of gay marriage I’ve read. And the writer has some impressive credentials; another Disciple of Christ scholar — my current denomination (confirmation bias recognized).

  • greg

    Hasnt this scholar painted himself into the corner by forgetting to mention that God gave his law to his people and didn’t punish outsiders for breaking laws he didn’t give them ?
    and are we doing the same thing if we lump unregenerate men who practice gay sex into the same pew as male Christians, or Jew, to be sola scriptura?

  • JPL

    Many Nazis were fit, neat, and quite snappy dressers. They also enjoyed cabaret and male bonding rituals. I think we can all see how this connects.

  • kelly

    “The material also tries to debunk a body of medical and scientific research that shows gay and lesbian people are born that way.”

    I have yet to find any of this research very conclusive. Could you give a few links to some seriously conclusive research. There seems to be far too much fuzzy subjective logic in this matter. Most people either have penises or vagina’s a small percentage are androgynous. The androgynous one’s sexual identity becomes clear at puberty. If someone is, let’s say for the sake of argument, 49 % female and 51 % male, what are they? Someone will say, that is not important, only that we embrace them as they are. That is nice, but it suddenly is not very scientific any more.

    Are there any medical tests that can absolutely determine ones gender? I am not trying to be contrary, I really want to know the truth.

    • Dorfl

      I don’t quite understand the question. You seem to start by discussing sexual orientation, but then switching to discussing gender identity about four sentences in.

  • Desperate is right, especially among the gospelists. Tokenism, anyone?